FAQ Asuransi Perjalanan Travellin

  • Is it possible to purchase product on Travellin website?

    Yes. You can make a purchase directly on Travellin website.

  • Is it possible to make a payment on Travellin website?

    Yes. You can make a payment with available various payment methods..

  • How to purchase a policy on Travellin website?

    1. You can make a purchase purchases through the menu "Purchase", and "Get Travel Insurance" on the Home page.
    2. Aside to the two things above, you can also make a purchase through Package menu.
    3. Travellin insurance purchase process, consists of four (4) simple steps.
    4. The first step (Insurance Detail), You have to fill various fields from the destination city / state, until the choice Plan / Package.
    5. The second step (Customer Detail), You have to fill in personal data.
    6. The third step (Payment Method), You are prompted to select Your desired payment method
    7. The final step (Confirm Order), if your transaction is successful, then you will get an e-Policy sent to the registered email.

  • Method of payment that is available?

    Currently, there are three (3) types of payment methods:
    1. Credit cards (Visa & Mastercard)
    2. Online Banking
    3. Phone credit / e-wallet

  • How do I make a payment with a credit card?

    1. Make sure you choose the Travellin payment method by credit card in step "Payment Method".
    2. Make sure your credit card in a state can be used.
    3. After selecting a credit card payment method, press the "Pay Now" in step "Payment Method".
    4. You will be taken to the payment page belongs to the iPay88 as Official Payment gateway and secure from Travellin.
    5. You have to fill various information related to your credit card.
    6. Once the information is appropriate and you do succeed, you will be taken back to the page.

  • Can I submit a claim via website?

    Yes can. Travellin website provides the facility to be able to submit a claim online.

  • How the claim process in Travellin?

    Claims submitted by the Customer via the Travelllin website.
    Travellin agent will receive submission of Your claim and process internally.
    You will be contacted our call center, and ensure documents needed are complete.
    Once Your claim is approved, we will inform You soon.
    You will receive a reimbursement to the account number you have registered.

  • How do I submit a claim while on a trip?

    You can apply via the Travellin website or contact our call center on 1500 456 Adira Care.

  • What is needed to make a claim via Travellin website?

    For the first time, You should have your policy number and the email address listed on the Travellin website system when you bought a policy through the website.
    Then fill in all the questions in the form.
    Before you submit or send, include (upload) documents needed by category of your claim.
    When all the documents completed, you can send all through Travellin website.

  • Can submit a claim when I am not on a trip?

    You can file a claim relating to the cancellation of your trip. And these benefits apply if insurance is purchased for less than 7 (seven) calendar days before the date of commencement of travel. And we will give you the right to benefits after deducting the benefit of the transport company of your trip.

  • What are the reasons that can be categorized entitled to claim Trip Cancellation?

    If any member of your family or even you are having a serious illness, a serious accident, until there was the worst of the events that occurred within 30 days before departure date.
    Liabilities / invitation from the state or the court require that you come as a good citizen.
    Cancellation come from public transport services.
    Where you live is affected by natural disasters.
    If you can not receive certain vaccines, which medically required by the destination country.
    For more details you can see in the Standard Travel Insurance Policy.

  • What is a 14 Claim Guaranteed Program? How is the Term & Condition?

    1. Claim 14 Days Guaranteed Program aims to provide claim settlement process in a maximum of 14 working days.
    2. The process of claim calculated from customers complete claim documents received by the insurer until the customer receives funding reimbursement from the insurer.
    3. When the claims process is to exceed the limits of 14 days of work, the customers are entitled to a voucher worth Rp. 500,000 in the form prepared by the insurer.
    4. Vouchers are given to policyholders. One voucher valid for one policy.
    5. Claim 14 Days Guaranteed Program applies to all purchases of Travellin product through www.travellin.co.id.
    6. Claim Period 14 Days Guaranteed Program applies to all purchases of Travellin product on 1 April 2016 - 31 December, 2016.

Cancellation of Travellin Policy
  • What is the meaning of Travellin policy cancellation?

    That process proposed and carried out so that the Travellin policy be applicable to the overall assurance of protection.

  • Is the same as the intended Trip Cancellation?

    Different. Trip Cancellation is if there’s one incident that cause you to forgo the trip which already planned. In this case, Travellin Policy still valid and have not experienced the cancellation policy. Regarding the claims provision of Trip Cancellation can be seen in the Claims section.

  • Is it possible able to do Travellin Policy Cancellation (Cancelation) via Travellin website?

    Yes, you can submit it via the website Travellin.

  • Is allowed to cancel the Travellin policy before the date of departure?

    You can apply for Travellin policy cancellation. The terms and condition:
    - You or your family members suffered serious illness or death.
    - You are obliged to attend the invitation of the court.
    - The existence of an official trip cancellation of the Public Transport services.
    - Your residence was on fire, or accident caused by natural disasters.
    * More on this set and referring in the content of Standard Travel Insurance Policy.

  • How do I apply for Travellin Policy Cancellation (Cancelation) via Travellin website?

    - You can simply access and log on the website Travellin. Then follow the steps below:
    - After login, find the policy you want to cancel on the page on the My Page and My Policy.
    - Then press the Details button on the policy that you want to cancel.
    - Detail your policy will be seen, and at the bottom there is a row of buttons, one of which Cancelation button.
    - After pressing the Cancelation button, you are asked to choose and give reasons why you cancel the policy.
    - Then fill in the Bank account, in the name and number to refund the purchase cost Travellin policy. Then to sum refund Travellin policy purchase costs, cut 15% of the total cost.

  • What documents are needed to apply for Travellin policy cancellation?

    - The original document causes trip cancellation of Travellin policy.
    - The original proof of payment to the travel agency, if the cancellation is caused by Transport service.
    - Original proof of payment of the ticket.
    - Evidence of the relationship you have between you and your family members (family card) if you have pain or death.
    * More on this set and refer to the contents of Standard Travel Insurance Policy.

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